Freitag, 31. Juli 2009

New QSl arrived from Radio Condor

This new QSL Card arrived from Radio Condor, many tnx Ton for the nice QSL and the Letter with your Info´s many many thanks.
gd DX

Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

Raport QSO on 1.650 khz

On 1.650 khz at 21:51 Radio Norddeich Sender Monte Carlo und Radio Barcelona with Raport QSO´s SINPO during 23222 - 43323
gd DX

Zender Meteor

On 1.650 khz at 21:07 Zender Meteor with SINPO 32222
gd DX

Sender Napoleon

On 1.643 khz Sender Napoleon with SINPO 34333
gd DX

Radio Piebzender

On 3.905 khz at 22:20 UTC Radio Piebzender with SINPO 54555
strong Signal gd DX

The show from 25.06.2009

The short programm from Radio Rock AM on 25.06.2009 was great,
The first Transmission was on 6.380 khz at 21:45 UTC we started with good Conditions but during the show there was a lot of CW QRM. Many tnx for the Reception Report´s
On Sunday early morning it was the same, I hope you hear me again.
Manx tnx to all listener´s for the Rapport´s.
gd DX The Uncle

New QSL arrived from Playback Int.

This new QSL arrived from Radio Playback Int. tnx

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2009

Farmer´s from Holland

On 6.320 khz at 16:04 the Farmer´s from Holland with SINPO 55555 booming Signal
gd DX

New QSL arrived from Radio Relmus

This QSl arrived from Radio Relmus from the Netherlands,
tnx for the nice pics too.
gd DX

Radio Marabu

On 6.220 khz at 10:15 UTC Radio Marabu with SINPO 43444
gd DX

Radio Hamamelis

On 6.307 khz at 09:30 UTC Radio Hamamelis with SINPO 33333
gd DX

Delta Radio

On 6.300 khz at 09:25 UTC Delta Radio with SINPO 32333
dx DX

Radio Amica

On 7.550 khz at 08:29 Radio Amica with SIPO 43444 gd Signal
gd DX

Radio Pionier

On 6.425 khz Radio Pionier at 07:36 with SINPO 44444
gd DX

Radio Sonic

On 6.375 kht at 07:25 UTC Sonic Radio with SINPO 23222
gd DX

Radio Playback Int.

On 6.870 khz Radio Playback at 07:22 UTC with SIMPO 54555 booming Signal
gd DX

Radio Barones

On 1.636 khz at 22:25 UTC Radio Barones with booming Signal again
gd DX

Zender Baken16

On 3.900 kht at 22:05 UTC Zender Baken16 with SINPO 43444
gd DX

Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

Radio Rock AM on Air

Radio Rock AM with short transmission on 3915 khz many many Stations and QRN but the music must play, come on listen to the alternative Rock on 76m
gd DX

Radio Boomerang

On 1.650 khz Radio Boomerang at 21:03 UTC with SINPO 32322
gd DX

Radio Baroneß

On 1675 khz at 22:00 UTC Radio Baroneß with SINPO 55555 very big Signal 20db over 9
gd DX

Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Zender Relmus

On 6.155 khz at 21:25UTC Zender Relmus with SINPO 54544 play some Oldy´s gd Sounds and big Signal
gd DX

Radio Altrex

On 6.240 khz at 21:23 Radio Altrex with SINPO 34333 nice sounds
gd DX

Radio Northsea Int.

On 6.400 khz at 21:02 UTC Radio Northsea Int. with SINPO 43444
gd DX

Radio Monte Carlo

On 1.642 khz and 1.656 khz at 22:44 UTC Radio Monte Carlo with SINPO 32322 play some Polka and ID in QSO with Radio Casablanca
gd DX

Zender Ethercluder ?

On 1.656 khz at 22:30 UTC Zender Ethercluder ?!? with SINPO 32322 play some Polka
gd DX

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

Radio Skyline Int.

On 3900 khz at 18:51 UTC Radio Skyline Int.
In these moment the Mod is very weak.
gd DX

New QSL arrived from Radio Zodiac

This QSL Card arrived from Radio Zodiac tnx fr QSL

Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

QSL from Radio 700

New QSL arrived from Radio 700 listen on 6005 khz.

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

Trans. from Radio Quintus on QSL

These pic shows the Trans. from Radio Quintus it was on QSL for Reception Report

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

Radio Playback

On 6.870 khz Radio Playback with SINPO 44444
gd DX

Radio 700

On 6.005 Radio 700 at 09:30 UTC play Schlager SINPO 55555

Magic AM

On 6300 khz at 08:50 UTC Magic AM is on the air with SINPO 55555 biggest Signal on this day

Radio Saxonia

On 6.260 khz at 08:10 Radio Saxonia with SINPO 32333 the music is good to hear but the Voice from the Mod is extrem too weak.

Radio Quintus

On 3.900 khz at 07:55 Radio Quintus with SINPO 32333

Mistery Radio

On 6.220 khz Mistery Radio with SINPO 55555 nice Signal. You can hear the Station the hole week with good Signals.
gd DX

Radio Condor

Radio Condor is on 6.310 khz at 07:40 UTC SINPO 43433
play some Dance and Trance
gd DX

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Radio Baroneß

On 1.636 khz at 21:50 UTC Radio Baroneß play some dutch Music SINPO 55555
gd Signal

Radio Boomerang

On 1.655 khz Radio Boomerang at 21:45 UTC with SINPO 33333
gd DX

Radio Rock AM

Hi, on 6.260 khz Radio Rock AM is transmitting a short programm about the German Freeradiolisteners and their Equipment. Low Power in the moment only 25 Watt.
gd DX

Radio Playback

On 6.870 Radio Playback with SINPO 34333

Mystery Radio

On 6.220 khz Mysteryradio SINPO 55555 at 16:00 UTC
This is a blogg about my Hobby Freeradio, in a age of 16 Years i heard the first time Free Radio on shortwave, at this time every Sunday morning or sometimes Saturday night, I listened the nice Pirate Stations. With my TRX, I´m on 48m Band at Sunday`s morning